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Representation of four men in a canoe with head of crocodile.

A small table that has crocodilian features

Carving of a crocodile on the prow of a river canoe serving to protect and guide natives traveling along rivers.

Large woodcarving from Sumatra. One entire piece of wood with carvings of the story of a Sumatra village. Artists anonymous.

Was originally intended to be a bench, but appropriated as a wall hanging for the Alligator farm. Carved in the form of a Komodo Dragon.

A Bali wood carving that is half man and half crocodile. The man can be seen face on from the front view, with the crocodile in the man's profile. The two creatures share an eye.

DSC_0141 2.jpg
Large wooden crocodile carving in front of the Alligator Farm's theater. The carving is one of three from the Island of Timor in the Pacific. It is carved from a Suar tree detailed with interlocking crocodiles.
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