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Representation of four men in a canoe with head of crocodile.

A small table that has crocodilian features

Carving of a crocodile on the prow of a river canoe serving to protect and guide natives traveling along rivers.

alligator on leash (2).jpg
This is photograph of W.I. Drysdale with an alligator on a leash on the popular television show, "We the People".

alligator farm orig. enterance (2).jpg
The photograph is of the entrance of the old Alligator Farm and how it looked originally.

Maximo's mate Sydney in her exhibit at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

The taxidermied body of Gomek on exhibit at the Alligator Farm

DSC_0174 2.jpg
exhibit label in Gomek Forever describing his capture
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