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Varela Bust Cuba.jpg
An early 20th century bust of Father Varela at the University of Havana in Cuba.

Varela Bust Chapel.jpg
A bust of Félix Varela presented to the chapel by a Cuban exile group in 1979, based on a photo of Varela from the 1840s held at the New York Historical Society.

A Cuban group presents Bishop Felipe Estévez with a plaque commemorating the visit of José Martí to the Varela Chapel in 1892.

A plaque in Havana commemorating the “great patriot, educator and priest” Félix Varela, placed by the Revolutionary Student Youth in 1997.

Guiteras Certificate.jpg
Facsimile of the baptismal certificate of María Rosa Guiteras Gener, baptized by Fr. Varela in New York in 1848, provided by a St Augustine resident who is her great grand nephew.

Altarpiece by Teok Carrasco at the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Caridad, Miami, painted in the 1970s. For a detailed explanation in Spanish and English of the figures shown:

Dedication Program.jpg
Program for the dedication of the Varela Chapel in 1853.
From: La Muerte del Padre Varela, Antonio L. Valverde; El Siglo XX, Havana, 1924.

Marti Commem..JPG
A plaque in English and Spanish commemorating Fr. Félix Varela and the visit of José Marti to the chapel. Next to it is the Cuban flag.

Wall Plaque.jpg
Marble piece placed on the outside wall of the chapel by the Cuban builders, “so that they would know why we have built it.”
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