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Families rented flowered horse-drawn Cooley carriages for rides on Easter morning. Pictured here are Angela, Reddy, and Margo Cox.

Margo, Angela, and Mimi Cox in formal dress for Easter celebrations. Photo taken in front of their Marine Street house. (few days before Easter).

Margo is wearing a white long sleeve top, skirt, and hat. Mimi is wearing a white hat and long sleeve…

Margo Cox posing inside family home in Easter best.

Woman is wearing a yellow dress with matching hat. She is holding a yellow flower and standing in front of a brick fireplace.

Blessing of Fleet with Michael "Reddy" Cox and David T.

Two boys wearing black and white are marching in the street with a groups of others. People are on the side of the street watching. Palm trees and street signs are seen near the water.

Margo and Mimi Cox outside Marine St. home on Easter Sunday.

Standing outside of a white house with cement steps stands two females. Margo is wearing a yellow dress and matching hat while Mimi is wearing a black and white dress and holding an…

Margo and Reddy Cox dressed in formal clothing in front of Ponce Hotel (now Flagler College) on Easter.
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