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In the top left of the image is a mask the size and shape of a human face. On the bottom left, there are seven small figure statues which are facing each other in a circular fashion. In the center of the display, there is three ceramic vessels placed…

Flooding caused by Hurricane Dora taken by Cox family outside of their Marine Street home.

Flooding from hurricane Dora viewed on Marine Street. Taken by the Cox family near their residence

Mimi Cox and family member (possibly Reddy Cox) in front of house on the occasion of her First Communion.

Mimi is wearing a white dress and veil whit white shoes and socks. The male is wearing a suit and tie.

Margo Cox posing inside family home in Easter best.

Woman is wearing a yellow dress with matching hat. She is holding a yellow flower and standing in front of a brick fireplace.

Blessing of Fleet with Michael "Reddy" Cox and David T.

Two boys wearing black and white are marching in the street with a groups of others. People are on the side of the street watching. Palm trees and street signs are seen near the water.

Margo and Mimi Cox outside Marine St. home on Easter Sunday.

Standing outside of a white house with cement steps stands two females. Margo is wearing a yellow dress and matching hat while Mimi is wearing a black and white dress and holding an…

Flooding from Hurricane Dora. Photos taken by Cox family near Marine Street residence.
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