Welcome to the digital archives and exhibits of the Flagler College Public History Program. These pages are created by students and faculty to tell the diverse stories of our town. As the oldest continually-occupied city in what is now the U.S., we have many stories to share!

Also view our Oral History Collection and accompanying exhibits.

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to share your own story, please contact the Director of Public History, Kelly Enright, PhD: kenright@flagler.edu

Recently Added Items

Net Textile


Netted rectangle of white-cotton, mounted on purple backing for display, diagonal bands of geometric and animal motifs.

Clay Figurine


Tiny female figure. Headdress and lower half of body painted. Half of headdress broken off.

Clay Figurine


Typical turbaned female figurine in "bow-legged" stance with arms straight down. Wears elaborate breechcloth, necklace, bracelets, ear-plugs, and…