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Another example of the convergence of culture as a consequence of Spanish Colonialism with pre-Columbian art, the art displayed in the case mimics an exhibit space in the pre-Columbian portion of the exhibit, showing textiles, ceramics, and sculpture

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Two lighted cases, the one in the foreground holding one of the textile cases, artifacts coming mostly from Peru.

A portion of the Latin American Art exhibit, this portion showcased Popular Art that could be found in contemporary Latin America. See how the pre-Columbian motifs morphed after Spanish Colonialism, especially with regard to religious items.

Carleton Calkin and Jean Babich_Winter 1970-71_1 (1).tif
Carleton Calkin, the director immediately following Earle Newton's dismissal took over the Pan American Center some time in 1970. In this picture he stands in front of a portion of the pre-Columbian exhibit, pointing to a ceramic vessel.

Earle Newton.png
Earle Newton was the first director/ curator of the Pan American Center and oversaw its construction. He played a key role in acquiring a large number of items for the exhibits during his time as curator from 1965 to around 1970.

West Gallery_Second Floor ca1972_1.jpg
Ascending the building's exterior stairway the visitor first enters the completely refurbished wet gallery, housing religious and secular paintings, sculpture, and furniture from the Spanish Colonial era.

PanAm Dedication_April 14 1965.jpg
Crowds gather for the Pan American Center Dedication Ceremony, coinciding with Pan American Day, a day established by the Organization of American States to commemorate Pan American relations. Present were various foreign dignitaries.

Jean Babich looks off camera to look at the Spanish Gardens, seated on the fountain in her uniform she would have worn while working at the Pan American Center.

Members of National Quadricentinneal Commission gather together for a photo in March of 1963, as the project really is starting to take off.
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