Welcome to the St. Augustine Memory Project (STAMP)--an initiative of the Center for Public History at Flagler College. We are in the early stages of collecting memories from our community and will be sharing these photographs, memorabilia, and oral histories to better tell the histories of our town and its people.

You may navigate through this collection by browsing the images (click Browse Items above). From there, you can choose to Browse by Tag for a more focused approach. This semester, students created the first online exhibits and they will be posted in the next month. View the first in the series--the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park--in the featured exhibit area.

We have activated the comment function and hope you will share your own memories--or information about the photographs that we have not yet uncovered. 

Public History at Flagler College is growing! Our oral history collection is being cataloged and digitzed and we hope to share that with you soon! To learn more about the program please visit our website and blog.


Recently Added Items

Fishing Expedition


Representation of four men in a canoe with head of crocodile.

Crocodile Table


A small table that has crocodilian features

Crocodile Prow


Carving of a crocodile on the prow of a river canoe serving to protect and guide natives traveling along rivers.